Phosphorus, Total, TNT Reagent Set, LR, 0.06-3.50 mg/l – PK(50T/pk) – H-27426-45


Phosphorus (Total) TNT Reagent Set, Low Range

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For determination of Total Phosphorus by the PhosVer® 3 Ascorbic Acid method with Acid Persulfate Digestion. EPA Compliant
Hach Method 8190. Range: 0.06 – 3.50 mg/L PO4.
Test ‘N Tube™ Reagent Set contains reagents for sample digestion and photometric analyses. Up to 50 tests.  Product number 2742645.


Test ‘N Tube products provide safe, convenient testing

Capped 16-mm vials provide a self-contained package for mixing and measurement.

Easy ordering

All necessary reagents and vials are contained in the package.

Perform digestions and photometric measurements in the same vial.

Save time, space and effort.


Description Phosphate, Total, TNT Reagent Set, LR
Digestion Required Yes
Footnote †Dependent on the number of performed reagent blanks. *Generally, the DR 5000 performs the same methods as the DR/4000. The DR 2800 performs the same methods as the DR 2700, DR/2500, and DR/2400. Some exceptions do exist.
Method 8190
Method Name Ascorbic Acid
Number of tests 25 – 50
Parameter Total Phosphorous
Parameter Phosphate, total
Platform Test ‘N Tube™
Range 0.06 – 3.50 mg/L PO₄
Reference method SM 4500 P-E
Special Remarks Set contains: Cuvette test tubes, Potassiumpersulfate Powder Pillows (2084766), PhosVer 3 Powder Pillows (2106046), Sodiumhydroxyde solution 1.54 N (2743042), Sulfuric acid solution 1.37 N (2742900)
Storage Conditions 10 – 25 °C
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